Lacing & threading toys are a great way to help little ones develop their fine motor skills.

By the age of 2, most children will of learned how to pick up objects with a pincer grip (forefinger & thumb) an essential fine motor skill, moving on from the full palm grasp. So from two up a toddler should be able to pick up crayons & colouring pencils to start drawing & you can now look forward to some beautiful art (which hopefully stays on the paper and not on your walls!)

But did you know lacing toys are also a great way to: 

1. Help build and strengthen a toddler's grip as they hold the lace/thread in a pincer grip between the thumb and another finger.  

2. An effective developmental toy for fine motor skills. Holding a lace, weaving & threading all help with the ability to make small movements using the smaller muscles in a little one's hands and wrists.

3. Help improve bilateral coordination, (using both sides of the body together in an activity) as they have to hold the lacing toy in one hand whilst using the other hand to thread & weave. Why is bilateral coordination so important: because so many everyday tasks such as walking or eating involve movements & actions that involve both sides of the body!

4. Developing motor planning (the ability to work out the plan of action before engaging in a motor activity) and hand-eye coordination as they simultaneously have to use hands and eyes as they push the thread/lace through the holes.

5. Builds concentration and patience with endless possibilities of patterns that can be created by threading, sewing, lacing or tying in only one toy. Meaning they are a great toy to take with you when travelling or out & about to keep little ones occupied!



25, September 2021