baby bedtime routines story time

Baby Bedtime Routine - in 5 simple steps

A good baby bedtime routine is key for getting little ones to sleep, & this baby sleep-time guide in 5 simple steps is perfect for introducing & helping to develop the perfect night time schedule for babies & toddlers.

 Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! 

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Eco friendly Easter gifts wooden duck toy

6 Tips for an Egg-cellent Eco-Friendly Easter

Over commercialization has turned Easter into a problem for many parents with every supermarket you walk into presenting you with an endless array of Easter chocolate & sweets that are too tempting a treat for little ones, but did you know over 3000 tons of Easter Egg packaging will be making its way to landfills & recycling facilities these Easter holidays,

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The Spring Market

The Spring Market

The Fabulous Places Spring Market  - 27th - 28th February - Blue Brontide is so excited to be included in the Fabulous Places first online Market...

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Eco Easter children's wooden egg cup & toast board

The Eco Easter Edit

It's here! The Eco Easter Edit, our non-chocolate Easter gift guide. Gift giving without a choccy egg in sight!

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A Dozen Bird Eggs - Wooden Toy

A Dozen Bird Eggs -Wooden Toy

This beautiful wooden set of a dozen bird eggs from Moon Picnic is the perfect gift for little naturalists & budding ornithologists.

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Natural baby teething remedies Blue Brontide

All Natural Teething Remedies for Baby

Teething bites! Even though its a completely natural process it can be distressing for both of you whilst your little one deals with the discomfort that growing teeth can bring So how can you soothe your teething baby without the use of chemicals/medication? Here are some completely natural teething remedies that work.

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Organically grown cotton

Organically grown cotton, better for baby & the planet

‘Theirs no beauty in the finest cloth it makes hunger & unhappiness’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi. Which is why Blue Brontide only uses natural fibres of hemp, cotton or linen, grown organically, GOT's certified, chemical free from renewable sources . . .

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Healthy bed-time snacks on wooden bear plate

Healthy bed-time snacks to help toddlers fall asleep fast!

If a toddler's blood sugars dip during the night it can lead to your little one having a restless sleep or waking sooner than they should. A full tummy before bed in the form of a healthy bed-time snack can not only help settle a toddler sooner but aid in a full nights sleep not only for little one but you too! 

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Plastic-free (ish) living with kids wooden tableware

Plastic-free (ish) living with kids!

So you're trying to fully embrace the whole plastic-free living, single-use plastic packaging is no more in your house, plastic bags are a gonna, reusable water bottle, check, picking up plastic on your beach walks, yep but you seem to be stumbling in one area when it comes to your plastic-free efforts, your kids . . . 

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