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Packaging Matters 


With E-commerce now the fastest growing retail market in Europe the demand for protective packagings such as bubble wrap and plastic mailing bags has significantly increased. Most of these packaging options cannot be recycled and will end up in landfill sites. Blue Brontide feels it only makes sense that businesses (big or small) show consideration when looking at packaging options and of course avoid plastic as much as possible.   

The world has made more than 9 billion tons of plastic & a whopping 91% of all plastics made have not been recycled. Plastics take more than 400 years to degrade, so most of it still exists in some form!

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Packaging Policy


At Blue Brontide we're committed to eliminating avoidable plastic waste, by using sustainable packaging and following the three R's of waste hierarchy, the rules below are a process used to protect the environment and conserve resources through a priority approach.

  • Reduce - reduce waste so less ends up at landfills
  • Reuse - reuse items, or re-purpose them for a different use (re-use boxes)
  • Recycle - use raw material that can be shaped into a new item by recycling

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Whilst we cannot stop waste production entirely we can make a significant contribution to the amount we contribute. With the three R's of waste hierarchy in mind, we have carefully chosen our packaging below to be easily recyclable, safe for individuals & the environment and be the most sustainable choices possible for transporting our goods.


Cardboard Boxes

All our boxes are made from 100% recycled content and we often reuse boxes, amongst other packaging materials because we love to reduce, reuse, recycle. So don't be surprised if you receive your order in a reused box. . . let's just call it an 'ECObox'! 

Paper Tape

The paper tape we use is made from recycled paper and is a fully biodegradable alternative to plastic parcel tape! Vegan-friendly made without the use of any animal products or animal testing. Free from any animal-based pigments or adhesives including gelatine.  

Not only recyclable, biodegradable and compostable but it's also made here in the UK! 

Tissue Paper

Whilst we want to keep our packaging to a minimum we still want you to open your parcel and it be, well, a little bit special so we use tissue paper made from 'low grade' (the greenest) 100% UK post-consumer waste, completely acid-free.

Card Inserts

The card inserts we use are made from cotton paper, made from 100% recycled, pre-consumer waste.

Cotton paper is made entirely of white cotton T-shirt off-cuts, the fabric leftover from when a T-shirt pattern is cut from a roll of fabric, something that would otherwise be wasted. These offcuts are then turned into a pulp which is then processed into a strong, flexible, gorgeous paper.  The paper is also naturally bright white, is acid-free, and does not require bleaching or chemical processing. 

Bio-Degradable Bags

Made from corn starch (annually renewable) these are fully biodegradable meaning that they break down to CO2 and water which can then be reused in the ecosystem to make new plants. This will happen in either in the home or commercial composting or landfill. They will still break down to CO2 and water but in commercial composting, the temperature will be higher and the process is much quicker. In a colder home composter, it will just take longer

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Eco-friendly packaging so leave a comment or send us a picture of the unboxing of your order @bluebrontide #bluebrontidebaby or message us on Facebook  

#eco-friendlypackaging #sustainable #sustainableliving 

Being kind to baby & the planet goes hand in hand.


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