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The Nature of Play - Handbook

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Suggesting an antidote to our era of ever-present screens and passive play, Fanny & Alexanders new book 'The Nature of Play' offers simple, nature-based activities for all seasons.

This beautiful book contains 44 richly illustrated, hands-on activities, seasonal poems, interviews, recipes and flora and fauna guides, from making and flying a kite to mapping your neighbourhood, to cooking delicious food over a fire you've built yourself, it's bursting with lovely ideas for play.

The Nature of Play is an invitation to explore, discover, learn and play with nature, wherever you live, whatever the weather.


We hope you'll love it as much as we do.



Inside find 44 seasonal activitiest to banish boredom like:

  • Learning how to find your way using nature's signs

  • Making a fire – and then cooking delicious food over it

  • Going stargazing and spotting constellations

  • Creating a beautiful mobile to celebrate the seasons

  • Hosting a special summertime party

  • Tuning up your bike

‘Many children don't know how to play without a screen – this book is a small inoculation against that state of being. It requires children to challenge themselves, find solutions and rely on their skills and imaginations. Most of all, it asks them to slow their pace enough to really observe, to examine, to contemplate and to wonder.’ 

- Delfina Aguilar

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