Super excited for Blue Brontide to feature in quite possibly the most stunning magazine. . . in the world! Yep, mini noodles is the new illustrated kid's magazine featuring the very best Eco & natural brands for those mini-humans in your life. 

Mini Noodles magazine opens with the following statement

 ''This beautiful earth is in need of some extra love and care. It needs to slow down, to make better choices, it needs us to acknowledge its needs and sometimes put those needs before our own and it really needs us to help the next little mini humans become the best carers of this beautiful precious world.''

...we couldn't agree more.

Consumers are demanding change & transparency in how the products they buy are made, & where the materials used are sourced from and this beautiful magazine is here as a little reminder for us to slow down, make better purchase choices & think a little more about the world around us.  


 Find our wooden lorry, car & London bus plates on page 13

You can view the magazine in its entirety online by copying and pasting the web address below:


09, December 2019