Jan 2020
 - Written by Taylor Smart of Suffolk Home & lifestyle blog TWUSS -


Find Blue Brontide in 'The Bring it On' issue of Velvet Magazine Jan 2020 edition, yay! Find us on page 111.

''New Year New Home 

So 2019 is officially over... It was a year of dusty pinks and cane furniture, but will 2020 look much different? Taylor Smart, of Suffolk home & lifestyle blog TWUSS, spotlights eight interiors trends set to sell out this year...

Zero Waste - Everyone is striving to life a plastic-free life, switching to everything from biodegradable bags to metal straws. The world is getting into the green scene, and we are living for it! Our unhealthy lifestyle habits are becoming more eco-friendly, and our homes are too. Cutting down on plastic and bring zero waste furniture into your home doesn't mean you have compromise on style; your friends will be green with envy when they see how luxurious your decor is! Eco Wooden Fox Plate 32.99 bluebrontide.com''

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07, June 2020