The Slow Living Guide

~ behind the brand interview ~

It was lovely to be interviewed by the amazing Marjolyn over at 'The Slow Living Guide' -

''Sammy is the founder of @bluebrontide, a beautiful eco-friendly children’s toy brand. She created her lovely business after realising just how many plastic toys are going to waste after just a few months of playing. With a desire to offer children’s items that were not only beautiful but also built to last, she started her own business. She now offers gorgeous quality heirloom toys, tableware, and more and her little boy is chief product tester!''



We also talked about what sustainability means, how a business can be a force for good. A never-ending flow of ideas, a love of the seasons, running a business while looking after little ones, and always being short on time – conclusion, it all comes down to finding the right balance between work, family, and play.

Make yourself a cup of tea and take a slow moment to read our whole interview over at 'The Slowing Living Guide' - HERE

16, April 2022