Homes & Interiors Scotland

- Issue 136 May/June 2021 -

How exciting to see our 'Wooden Lorry Plates' in the stunning Homes & Interiors Scotland, a beautifully presented editorial, devoted to bringing you the latest in trends, interior, architecture, gardens, art and property. As well as a substantial focus on kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms the spotlight is on new and upcoming designers.

Find us in the Eco News friends of the earth on page 202 where we are in good company amongst other beautiful Eco-friendly small businesses. 

''Wheely Good - For too many toys & children's accessories are made of plastic so its refreshing to come across Blue Brontide a brand thats doing thing differently. Among its collection of wooden toys and beautiful tableware is this playful wooden lorry shaped oak plate, whose wheels & windows serve as individual 'dishes' for snacks or nibbles £32.99''




20, May 2021