What is a sustainable fabric? – Blue Brontide
What is a sustainable fabric?-Blue Brontide

What is a sustainable fabric?

What is a sustainable fabric?

With the impact human production is having in the modern world it’s becoming inescapably to avoid the issue of waste + pollution that mass consumerism causes. With this issue in mind more and more people are now turning their backs on mass-produced products made using wasteful or harmful manufacturing processes, becoming more conscientious consumers & turning to more sustainable products made using earth-friendly organic materials such as sustainable fabrics.  

So what exactly is a sustainable fabric? Sustainable fabrics consist of 2 different types of fibres, plant fibres such as Hemp, Cotton, Soy & animal fibres like Wool, Camel or llama, (amazing as a fluffy llama dummy clip would be, Blue Brontide only uses plant-based fibres for its products). These fibres are sourced from Eco-friendly resources meaning the plant fibres will be cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides, whilst conserving an ecological balance by not depleting natural resources & without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs!

Sustainable fabrics are not only produced organically making them free from the chemicals used to grow conventional fibres such as cotton (which leaves a huge environmental footprint) but are also fully bio-degradable, when these fabrics meet the end of its life-cycle they will simply break down in soil just like plants, to leave a clean world for our next generation.

Besides helping the environment, there are other benefits from organic/sustainable grown fibres. Working environments are better for those on farms without the use of chemicals found in – pesticides, herbicides, fungicides – which can reportedly cause regular acute and chronic health problems and small-scale farmers save money by not having to buy a large amount of these pesticides.


Consumers benefit too, some suggest that organic/sustainable fabrics are softer, easier on your skin and can last longer by not breaking down as easily as man-made or conventional grown fibres, even after several washes!

Sustainable Fabric Soother-Dummy-Pacifier-Clips-Blue-Brontide


All the fabrics we use for our organic dummy clips are screen printed using low-impact water-based inks, why is this so important. . . well, it means they don’t include phthalate or PVC which are harmful to the environment, & no solvents are needed to clean the printing screens as the ink residue can be simply washed away with water!

All of our organic, sustainable base clothes are hand screen printed by the fabulous @lusummers here in the UK
If you have any questions in regards to the fabrics we use, or our products, in general, don’t hesitate to pop us a message across ▹ info@bluebrontide.com
 by the lovely @sofieweinreichengell




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