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Heirloom designs that never need see a landfill!

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6 ways to live sustainably with kids by purchasing more thoughtfully

living sustainably with kids child with eco wooden plate

What is sustainable living for kids?

Sustainability is - a development that meets the need of the present whilst conserving an ecological balance by not depleting natural resources or compromising the ability for future generations (our children) to meet their own needs.

Kids are never too young to live sustainably, by choosing eco-friendly products not only are you using your consumer power for good but setting a lasting example to your children by showing them small ways they can look after the environment by reducing, reusing & recycling, setting them up for a bright & healthy future ahead & ensuring the world is left in the best condition possible for future generations. 


♻︎ Toys that grow with them
By choosing toys that are built for longevity that will grow with your child you're not only creating less waste that could potentially end up in a landfill but reducing your need to purchase additional toys as these types of toys will continue to stimulate a child as they & their skills grow & develop. We love these adorable wooden sitting animals which are handmade from sustainable materials, great for imaginative play, designed to survive for generations & perfect to pass down the family. . . .


Eco friendly wooden toy animals by Blue Brontide
♻︎ Buy Bio-degradable 

For items you know you won't use for a life-time bio-degradable is a great option, when these products reach the end of their life-cycle they will simply break down in the soil just like plants, to leave a clean world for our next generation, what's not to love. Safe not only for you & your little one but the earth as well. Our firm favourite is our beautiful wooden bus tray with lots of sections so the peas don't touch the carrots and wheels perfect for dippy sauce. 


children's wooden plate in London Bus

Blue Brontide - London Bus Tray

♻︎ Go plastic-free
Reduce the plastic. Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills with only 9% of all plastic waste produced having ever been recycled that means every plastic item your family has ever used could potentially still exist somewhere on the earth! Shocking right?
♻︎ Go package free
By choosing items with less packaging you could reduce what you buy – and immediately throw away – by about 10%. By going package free you've just saved 100%. This means less waste in landfills, which release large amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. (Facts by WWF) 
♻︎ Re-use 
Should a children's item reach the end of its potential use in your household that doesn't mean its reached the end of its life-cycle, why not send it to the charity shop, not only are you helping a good cause but the environment as well by creating less waste and the item can be loved all over again by another child. 
♻︎ Recycle 
If a children's item is broken, its not possible to fix or be re-homed to be re-loved, & its not an item that's bio-degradable then as a last resort, recycle, why am I saying as a last resort, well unfortunately only 44% of all UK waste is being recycled with 2 thirds of all our plastic waste being sent abroad to places like China, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Vietnam where theirs no guarantee that it will actually be recycled & with some of these countries, unfortunately, having the distinction of being in the top 10 for 'quantity of plastic waste entering the ocean' who knows if our 'good deed' is actually causing more harm than good! 😕 ♻︎

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