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What Are Heritage Toys? Examine the Past, Present, and Future

What are Heritage Toys - Examine the Past, Present, and Future

Heritage toys are more than just your average plaything - they hold a special place in our hearts as they bring nostalgic childhood memories to life and provide a sentimental connection to the past. From classic wooden toys to iconic stuffed animals, these cherished pieces offer a unique glimpse into simpler times.  


What Are Heritage Toys? 
Heritage toys are classic, nostalgic toy designs that have been around for generations. These beloved playthings hold sentimental value and evoke fond childhood memories for many adults. Heritage toys often consist of simple, yet timeless designs (think pull along ducks or wooden toy cars) that have stood the test of time and are especially valued because of workmanship & artistry that goes into making them. These unique & timeless toys can be passed down through multiple generations as family heirlooms collecting character & stories along the way to become treasures from the past that can still bring joy & play in the present! 

heritage toy wooden cars at blue brontide

Our collection of beautiful and unique wooden toy cars come with all the detail you’d expect from a quality crafted piece. Each car is hand carved and finished to give a timeless look and feel that will stand the test of play time.  

 Popular Heritage Toys Through the Ages. 

The emergence of heritage toys can be traced back to the 19th century, when the first tinplate wind-up toys were created. Over time and with advances in technology, other materials such as metal castings and plastic began to be used. This allowed for larger production runs and cheaper prices, which in turn increased accessibility even more. Nowadays, master craftsmen still create some beautiful hand-crafted reproductions or re-imaginings of vintage items such as wooden dolls houses, toy cars, train sets and pull along ducks.


classic pull along ducks at blue brontide uk


Benefits of Owning A Heritage Toy. 
Owning a heritage toy is more than just a way to add nostalgia to your life – these toys are built to last, providing generations of play and entertainment. Compared to mass-produced toys, heritage toys often have higher quality components such as wooden bodies and metal parts, making them sturdier and less likely to break. Heritage toys also collect a history as they are passed down generations that newer mass produced plastic toys simply don’t have – reminding us of our own childhoods or evoking memories of times gone by.

Owning a heritage toy is like owning a piece of history that can be passed down from generation to generation. 


heirloom wooden toys at blue brontide uk


How to Care for Your Heirloom Treasures.
Just like any other item you wish to keep, heritage toys require care and attention. To ensure your heirloom treasures have a long life, make sure to clean them gently with a damp cloth if necessary and always keep them away from water or outdoor elements such as extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Furthermore, it’s important to store toys properly in their original boxes or in designated toy boxes that are free of dirt and dust. Properly caring for your heirloom toys will guarantee many years of playing pleasure! 


Heirloom Wooden Toys

Heritage-made wooden toy built to stand the test of playtime! Sure to be enjoyed, and treasured, and passed down for years to come.

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