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14 Creative Ways to Play with Wooden Building Blocks

14 Creative Ways to Play with Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are a classic toy that have been entertaining children for generations. With their simple design and endless possibilities these versatile toys offer a world of creative and open-ended play.

What are the benefits of playing with wooden blocks for children? 

Building with wooden blocks can help children develop a variety of skills and have numerous educational benefits, including spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and fine motor skills. They also encourage social interaction and communication, as children often work together to build structures and learn to share and take turns. Additionally, playing with wooden blocks can help children learn about math and physics concepts, such as balance and gravity. But one of the best things about wooden building blocks is that they allow for open-ended play. Children can use their imagination and creativity to build whatever they want, without any limitations or rules. 

In this guide, we'll explore fourteen creative ways to use wooden blocks for play and education, from building towers to creating patterns and more. Get ready to unleash your child's imagination and creativity with these fun and engaging activities.

What to build with wooden blocks:

1. Build a Block Tower & Learn about Balance:

Building a tower with wooden blocks is a classic activity that never gets old. But did you know that it can also teach children about balance and stability? Encourage your child to experiment with different block sizes and shapes to see how high they can build their tower without it toppling over or (if your little one is a demolition expert), knock it down. 

This activity can help develop their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Plus, it's a fun way to spend time together and bond over a shared activity. 

wooden building blocks design ideas wooden blocks by wooden story

2. Build a miniature cityscape & learn about urban planning:
Forget about New York or Paris - create your own bustling metropolis and build a world of imagination with Wooden Building Blocks. Create a miniature cityscape by building towering skyscrapers, intricate road systems, and even a tiny park with trees and benches. 

Encourage them to think about where different buildings should be placed, such as residential areas, commercial areas, and public spaces like parks and libraries to create their own unique city designs. This activity can help develop their creativity, critical thinking skills, and understanding of how cities are designed and built. Plus, it's a great way to spark their imagination and inspire them to think about the world around them as they become the mayor of their very own wooden city.

Wooden Story - Natural Wooden Blocks in a Tray

Wooden Story - Natural Wooden Blocks in a Tray 

3. Build a Block Bridge or Tunnel:
Put your little ones budding engineering skills to the test by constructing a sturdy bridge using wooden blocks.Use the blocks to build a bridge that spans across a gap and see if your bridge can withstand the weight of small objects like marbles or a toy car or two! Or build a tunnel for toy trains using long blocks to create the base and pillars, and shorter blocks to create the top of the tunnel. Your child can then use their imagination to drive their toys over or through the structure and its a fun way to learn about balance and stability whilst actively promoting spatial awareness and engineering skills.

what to build with wooden blocks


4. Construct a maze or puzzle:
Use wooden building blocks to create a maze and see if you can guide a small toy through it without getting lost. Or challenge your friends or family members to navigate through a labyrinthine maze made entirely of wooden blocks. Build walls and obstacles to create a challenging path for them to navigate. You can also create a puzzle by building a design and then asking your child to replicate it. This activity can help develop problem-solving skills, spatial awareness and provide hours of entertainment.

5. Design a dollhouse or castle:
Wooden building blocks can be used to create a miniature world for dolls or action figures. Use different sizes and shapes of blocks to create walls, floors, and roofs. Add details like windows, doors, and furniture using smaller blocks or other materials like fabric or paper. This activity encourages creativity and imaginative play. 

6. Create a Race Track:
Design your ultimate toy car adventure at home by building a track for toy cars to race around. Add twists and turns for an extra challenge and ramps to see how high you can launch your cars. And remember, the wilder and wackier the track, the more epic your toy car adventure will be!

what to build with wooden blocks


8. Build a Block Zoo:
Let your imagination run wild and create a wooden block zoo. Build enclosures for different animals using the blocks. Build a lion's den, a monkey treehouse, and a penguin pool, and don't forget to add some foliage and a mini zookeeper. You can even make sound effects to bring your block zoo to life!

9. Create a Block Art Gallery:
Who says wooden blocks can't be artistic? Arrange your blocks in unique patterns and designs to create your very own block art gallery. You can even invite your friends over for a block art exhibition and see who can come up with the most creative masterpiece.

10. The sorting game:
Take your toddler's learning to the next level with the Sorting Game. A fun way for toddlers to learn as they play by sorting your blocks into sizes, shapes or colours, or sort them into groups of two, three or four to begin learning numbers! 

what to build with wooden blocks

11. Make a mini golf course:
Use wooden building blocks to create a mini golf course in your backyard or living room. Build ramps, obstacles, and holes for your child to putt through. You can even add in some fun decorations like trees or water features. This activity not only promotes creativity and problem-solving skills, but also helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

12. Play Block Charades:
Put your acting skills to the test with a game of block charades. Use the blocks to represent different objects, animals, or actions, and let your friends or family members guess what you're trying to portray. It's a hilarious twist on a classic game.

13. Organise a Block Fashion Show:
Who says blocks can't be fashionable? Use the blocks to create unique outfits and accessories for your favourite dolls or action figures. Host a block fashion show and let your creativity shine on the runway.

14. Create a Block Rube Goldberg Machine:
Unleash your inner inventor and build a block Rube Goldberg machine. Use the blocks to create a chain reaction of events, where each action triggers the next. It's a fun and challenging way to explore cause and effect.

So, grab your wooden building blocks and get ready to unleash your creativity. With these 14 creative ways to play, you'll never look at wooden blocks the same way again. Let the block adventures begin! 

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