Bring Me Bag in Elephant Grey – Blue Brontide

Bring Me Bag in Elephant Grey

£24.99 GBP


Organize your feeding and nursery gears with our Bring Me! Bag.

Bring Me! Bag is big enough to fit an entire miniware tableware set in perfect for taking your plastic free tableware out and about with you! It is also the perfect as a nappy bag! 



Natural Cotton with Food grade TPU inner layer


111/4" x 10" x 2"


Keep away from fire

Rising clean or delicate cold wash with protection bag.

BONNSU was founded by Swedish designer Adam Bonnier and Taiwanese designer Ai Su Bonnier. The brand brings the couple's' ideal lifestyle into reality by creating a modern, smart and enjoyable lifestyle for our generation. Their goal is to tackle sustainability and health in every product they develop whether it be using only 100% natural materials or improving product lifespan and end of use disposal.