The bluebrontide promise . . . .

‘Theirs no beauty in the finest cloth it makes hunger & unhappiness’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi. Which is why all the base cloths we use for our products are from sustainable sources, GOTs certified organic, so no nasty chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process. The base cloths we use are also Fairtrade from factories where the working condition have been checked by our fabric supplier to make sure theirs no unfair working practices taking place. 


The fabrics we use for our baby accessories are original designs created first as sketches or hand-carved block prints then becoming screen prints that are pulled by hand. We print on natural fibres of hemp, cotton or linen, grown organically, GOTS certified, chemical free from renewable sources. We even use GOTS certified organic thread! We choose these carefully selected materials to not only create an eco-friendly product but to be safe against your baby's soft delicate skin. 

If you have any questions in regards to the fabrics we use, or our products, in general, don’t hesitate to pop us a message across ▹

If you would like to read more about mindfully made fabrics & why we choose to use them for our baby accessories head over to the Blue Brontide Blog