Baby Spoons Set of Two - Mint & Nordic Grey

£14.99 GBP

Miniware Set of Two Spoons - Mint & Nordic Grey
Especially good for when children are just starting to eat. 
Miniware's spoon set are great additions to your tableware and have been lovingly designed to help your Mini me learn to eat on their own. 
We call it the Teething spoon because it is safe and comfortable for children to bite and chew on while they learn to use the spoon to feed themselves.
The rounded handles are perfectly shaped for little hands to easily grasp & the full shape also gives an ideal weight for little ones to learn balance and control while guiding delicious bites to their mouths.

Another great feature is the anti-slip notch which holds cutleries on the edge of any bowl or plate instead of making a mess in your little ones food. 

BPA free
Dish washer and Microwave safe 
It can withstand high temperature for 240℃ = 464F)