Auto - Wooden 4 Car Set / Puzzle

£61.99 GBP

Brand Kolekto

Auto - 4 Car Set / Puzzle

Wooden square puzzle of cars handmade with sustainable materials & created with attention to and concern for our environment.


Designed to inspire & challenge children these 100% FSC certified birch wooden cars can be used on several levels, working as a classic puzzle game as one solution when the pieces are laid down in their beautiful handmade box, but can also be used as individual toy cars as well as being a beautiful decoration for any children’s room.

Encourage imagination, creativity & motor skills with these beautiful heirloom wooden cars. 

  • 4 car set in a square box, each car with a different cut to give these  beautiful handmade cars character & depth.
  • Materials: 100% FSC certified birch wood & a bit of organic walnut oil.
  • Handmade creations made to last a lifetime for the benefit of the owner and the environment. GOOD QUALITY LASTS A LIFE TIME.
  • CE certified
  • Box Size: L 19.5cm, W 19.5cm, H 4.5 cm


KOLEKTO’s  STORIES IN STRUCTURES series was founded in 2015 by architect Eva Wandel and graphic designer Rikke Nogel their architectural-designed wooden toys focus on aesthetics, imagination and good craftsmanship. Only working with sustainable materials Kolekto create timeless and durable designs where the functional qualities are in focus. Each product is hand drawn & handmade at their Copenhagen workshop to create products that can survive for generations and tell stories.