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Kolekto's Stories in Structure-Blue Brontide

Kolekto's Stories in Structure

Kolekto's Stories in Structure


Blue Brontide are so happy to now be stocking sustainable brand Koleto's wooden toys. Kolekto' ethos is  - Good quality lasts all life - & we couldn't agree more!



KOLEKTO’s  STORIES IN STRUCTURES series are architectural-designed wooden toys that focus on aesthetics, imagination and craftsmanship. Only working with sustainable materials Kolekto creates timeless & durable toys that work on several levels, continuing to stimulate children as their skills develop. The high level of craftsmanship is apparent in each piece which is handmade at their Copenhagen workshop, creating products that can survive for generations & accompany a child into their adult journey as an eternal childhood memory.

''We want to create designs that have a long life for the benefit of both the owner and the environment.''Eva Wandel & Rikke Nogel - KOLEKTO


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