Aleta Kids at Blue Brontide
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Aleta Kids at Blue Brontide

Aleta Kids at Blue Brontide


Blue Brontide is now stocking Aleta Kids beautiful wooden lacing toys and teethers. Handmade in Spain from locally sourced, sustainable materials they are a happy addition to Blue Brontide's natural wooden toy collection, we hope you love them as much as we do. 


 Aleta_Kids_Wooden_Lacing_Toy_Cloud_Playing       Aleta_Kids_Wooden_Lacing_Toy_Whale_Green_Laces       


Aleta kids believe play is essential to learn, to grow & to be happy, with this ethos in mind Aleta kids make beautiful wooden toys for little hands to provide our children with the same quality toys they had in their childhood; simple and timeless toys made with locally sourced natural materials, sustainably manufactured that endure gracefully the passing of time. With a big no to plastic, Aleta kids believe simple is better!  

Ducks, clouds, fish, boats, nets, knots and other sea world elements are constant themes in Aleta Kids designs. Beautiful toys made for curious minds that love to learn and dream.

''We do what we love, and we do it slowly.  We believe that change is possible.'' Alexandra Pana & Belén Olmedo - Aleta Kids 

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